1.5 Degree Lifestyles: Our Visions of the Future Multimedia Contest Entry Form

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  • Contact Information

  • Submission Details

    • - films/games/animations/music videos/ etc. cannot exceed 15minutes in length and must be uploaded to youtube or vimeo
    • - photo essays/graphics/illustrations/magazines/etc. must have a link to an online drive (such as dropbox or google drive)
  • Judgment Criteria

    The judgment criteria for this contest will be as follows: /25 possible points:
    Displays a clear understanding and interpretation of the 1.5 Degree Lifestyles data
    (technical report, city scenario and/or options cards)
    10 points
    Employs a holistic approach that includes as many of 6 lifestyle areas as possible:
    food, housing, mobility, leisure and consumer goods & services.

    * Entries must address at least 2 areas. The more areas that are included, the higher the score.
    6 points
    Strength of described action plan if selected to receive a microgrant to help make their vision a reality
    (short essay on this form, maximum 500 words)
    5 points
    Presents an aspirational vision for achieving a 1.5 Degree Lifestyle 2 points
    Creativity 1 point
    Clarity of narrative 1 point
  • Application Essay

    The top global prize is a micro-grant of 2000USD, and up to 3 micro-grants will be granted per city! As part of the judgment criteria (5 points), please describe how you would use a micro-grant of 2000USD to help implement your ‘vision of the future.’ How would you help your city get closer to making 1.5 Degree Lifestyles a reality? (For example: Would you implement a new program? Create more media content? Fund a small business? Create a community space? Lobby your government for change? Throw a zero-waste party to raise awareness? Etc.) IMPORTANT NOTE: if you are awarded a micro-grant, implementation of a version of your idea is required!
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