Take the new Lifestyle Test and jump start a positive and sustainable life

A newly launched Lifestyle Test will help you jump start a positive and sustainable life in your community. Available in local languages of eight European countries (Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, and Turkey) the free web app will encourage you to adopt positive, sustainable, and healthier life and help reduce your environmental impact. By taking the Lifestyle Test, you will see your daily impact on the environment and get inspired via tailored tips on lifestyle choices.

How to start? On the web app you will be guided through a quick, easy, and accurate test to determine your impact on the climate. Based on the test results, you will get tailored suggestions on your personal lifestyle choices. You can then build your own personal plan and see how your daily actions can have a positive impact on the planet and life! Your answers and choices will then feed into an anonymous data pool that will help researchers and policymakers drive change across society. As let’s not forget – lifestyle choices must be enabled and made accessible and available via changes in policies, institutions, infrastructures, and business to move Europe towards its climate neutrality goal.

Here’s what Markus Terho, Project Lead of the PSLifestyle project and Project Director at Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, has to say about the Lifestyle Test: “We can all find our own way to live a positive and sustainable life. We are really excited to introduce a new Lifestyle Test that has been developed together with residents of eight European countries. Mitigating climate change is such a huge global challenge and everyone’s contribution is needed.”

The new Lifestyle Test is co-created by the PSLifestyle project and residents via a series of workshops hosted in the eight European countries. Through the Living Labs participants engaged with other locals in their communities, and were able to help design the Lifestyle Test by assessing its features for further improvements, including its functions and design as well as the country-specific lifestyle suggestions.

The PSLifestyle project is set to continue its path towards co-creating positive and sustainable lifestyles by initiating additional workshops in the eight countries during 2024. They will aim to collect local insights and innovative solutions on how to best deploy the Lifestyle Test throughout the EU as well as further identifying local and environmental needs. Stay tuned on Twitter and LinkedIn to see how you can get involved!

Together with Hot or Cool Institute, partners of the PSLifestyle consortium are: The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra (Project Coordinator), Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP), Solita, Hot or Cool Institute, ICLEI European Secretariat, EuroHealthNet, Let’s Do It Foundation, The Green Tiger Foundation (GTF), Athena Research and Innovation Center, EKPIZO, Sustainable Development Foundation (FSS), greenApes (GAPES), DECO, Circular Change (CCICE), City of Ljubljana, and Zeytince Ekolojik Yasamı Destekleme Dernegi (ZEYDD).

Visit the PSLifestyle website and discover more ways the project will help individuals to adopt a more positive and sustainable lifestyle! Have questions? Do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@pslifestyle.eu.

Read the full Press Release here.

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