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Funders for Sustainable Living is an open network promoting ambitious action for radically equitable and sustainable ways of living.

As a global group of funders, we meet online monthly for workshops exploring the various issues connected to fair social and ecological transformation in how we live. Together with guest experts from civil society and academic researchers, we discuss issues from the funder perspective: how can funders contribute to transformational change today, as well as catalysing long term shifts in the systems that promote unsustainable lifestyles?

We embrace a diversity of approaches while advocating for higher ambition levels, informed by the 1.5 Degree Lifestyles research programme: an equity-based approach to give the 1.5 Degree target a reasonable chance of being achieved – by keeping per capita consumption emissions below 2.5 tons per year by 2030 and 700kg per year by 2050.

We have written a report explaining our work and impact so far: F4SL network report 2020-2021, as well as a summary version- F4SL Summary Report.

In 2022-2023 we are considering the role of funders in creating deep and rapid change to systems that promote overconsumption, including:

  • Is overconsumption a Climate Justice issue, and how can we communicate this?
  • What policies help to constrain overconsumption in the top 1-10% of the population?
  • How can we learn about living well within limits, including leadership from outside the Global North?
  • Is it possible to support development of technologies that facilitate sustainable living without harmful extractivism?
  • Which economic shifts are needed to facilitate sustainable ways of living?
  • How can funders help to create acceptance for strong policies that currently seem “too radical”, such as car free cities?
  • Which mechanisms could bring citizen participation deeper into ambitious agenda-setting for sustainable societies?
  • What might the role of funders be in experimentation and vision for sustainable future lifestyles?

In addition, we will dive deeper into themes raised by funders about their work, including:

  • How to pitch ambitious ideas to the CEO and Board?
  • Establishing pooled funding to enable experimental project development and risk-taking.
  • Finding allies for thematic work, co-funding and idea-storming.

Despite tackling tough issues, we are a relaxed, friendly and motivated group – and our growing global network would love to welcome you! If you work for a funder and you are interested in the field of sustainable living, we would love to tell you more and / or invite you to a forthcoming workshop that interests you. Please contact Kate Power (k.power@hotorocool.org).

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