Funders for Sustainable Living Network (F4SL)


Funders for Sustainable Living is an open network promoting ambitious action for radically equitable and sustainable ways of living.

The F4SL network provides collegial support, motivation and expert knowledge to members in exploring the enormity of this challenge. Members report that our monthly workshops (to support funders in exploring what to fund, and the wider role of funders in catalysing systemic change) and complementary activities are highly valuable, and have positive impacts including:

  • Funding of projects introduced to funders via F4SL workshops;
  • New and strengthened relationships among funders, including co-funding;
  • New relationships between funders and civil society organisations;
  • New ideas, motivation and support. Motivation and support was deemed particularly important, as sustainable lifestyles is a controversial field with few colleagues or champions in philanthropy, and can therefore sometimes feel isolating;
  • Development of a Canadian network of funders for sustainable living: Fair Earth Living.

You can access our full 2020-2021 report below, and the short version here F4SL Summary Report.


F4SL 2020-2021

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We embrace a diversity of approaches while advocating for higher ambition levels, informed by the  1.5 Degree Lifestyles research programme: an equity-based approach to give the 1.5 Degree target a reasonable chance of being achieved – by keeping per capita consumption emissions below 2.5 tons per year by 2030 and 700kg per year by 2050.

With a growing membership of over 30 philanthropic foundations and other funding bodies, we welcome funders with a wide range of focus areas and strategies, from community initiatives to international policy processes. Our growing and diverse global network would love to welcome you!

If you work for a funder and you are interested in the field of sustainable living, we would love to welcome you to a workshop and tell you more about joining the network. Please contact Kate Power (

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Caring Societies can be an antidote to the current exploitative system; philanthropy can fund advocacy and experiments that transcend the mainstream agendas on care and climate.

F4SL Blog | Unexpected Framings

In June, the Funders for Sustainable Living Network considered unexpected framings, including luxurious approaches to collective services, and joyful invitations to engage in climate action. And we created an invitation for all funders – beyond this network – to join us for three sessions of adventurous exploration together!

F4SL Blog | The Story of Us: how can funders reframe radical action?

“Sustainable consumption” as a Climate Justice issue, with the expert guidance of Hannah Smith from Public Interest Research Centre (PIRC)

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