Future Lifestyles

Future Lifestyles addresses the implications of mitigating climate change and the Paris Agreement targets by assessing the needs of households as they attempt to make changes to reduce their lifestyle carbon footprint.

The Future Lifestyles project is a collaboration between IGES in Japan and Hot or Cool, together with project partners in Brazil, India, South Africa, and Thailand.  The project aims to:

  1. engage households in applying research underpinning their options of living low-carbon lifestyles
  2. monitor the lifestyle carbon footprints of participating households during the study
  3. identify limitations in the household agency, including the presence or absence of systemic factors that influence households’ abilities to transition to low-carbon lifestyles
  4. engage the public in envisioning sustainable lifestyles in each country

Following the methodology of the technical report 1.5-Degree Lifestyles: Targets and options for reducing lifestyle carbon footprints, our partners have calculated the emissions reduction potentials for their countries of lifestyle choices within five domains.

Household members undergo training to understand the efficacy of choices related to housing, mobility, nutrition, consumer goods, and leisure.  Following the workshop, participants adopt changes to their routine and track their emissions reductions in a diary, where they can also choose to describe their decision-making process or difficulties they’ve encountered in attempting to live a low-carbon lifestyle consistent with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

To achieve a more widespread understanding of the priorities of the regional populations, the Future Lifestyles project will include a multimedia contest to encourage citizens to imagine the future they wish to achieve for daily well-being in their country.  This campaign serves not only as a way for Hot or Cool and our partners to learn more about the people we serve, but also as an opportunity to spread our knowledge of which lifestyle choices have the greatest emissions reduction potential and allow our experiment participants a platform to share with others their experiences surrounding adjusting to sustainable living.

Be sure to check back soon for announcements related to the launch of the Future Lifestyles Multimedia Contest.

Contact: m.park@hotorcool.org