Beatrice Meo

Beatrice is a Project Manager with a background in Climate Change Studies. During her master’s degree in Environmental, Social, and Economic Sustainability at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (ICTA-UAB), she studied the impacts of climate change on coastal social values in the natural area of the Delta del Llobregat.

In the last four years, she gained experience in coordinating a variety of sustainability projects, from designing community-based climate research in Colombia to leading sustainable lifestyle programs in Berlin. Among other responsibilities, she designed the program concepts and develop multi-stakeholders strategies for the successful implementation of these projects. At Hot or Cool, she coordinated the development of the Sustainable Lifestyles Action Academy project in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme and she is currently supporting the H2020’s EU 1.5 Lifestyles and the PSLifestyle projects.

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