Donna Mei-Ling Park

Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is merely distributed. —Julius Robert Mayer, Law of conservation of energy, 1842

Hailing from the evergreens of the Pacific Northwest Coast of Canada, Mei-Ling’s first memory of being in utter awe of Mother Nature is slurping icy glacier water from a mountain steam. Cultivating storytelling through the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University, she bounded onto the multimedia scape as a writer, producer, and host for network television in 2004. For a decade, she created commercial multimedia content everywhere from Montreal to Hong Kong. In 2014, Mei-Ling pivoted her energy towards creating media with a social purpose, working as a communications consultant with the United Nations for five years. She co-led the creation of the interactive exhibit, ‘Camp One Planet’ which debuted in New York in 2018 and featured 360-degree video on sustainable consumption and production. Seeing that the supply side is key in our collective quest towards sustainability, she decided to pursue her MBA with a specialization in ‘Smart and Sustainable Business’ through Grenoble Ecole de Management.


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