Dr. Samira Iran

Samira Iran is an expert in sustainable consumption and sharing economy. She holds a PhD in sustainable and collaborative consumption in the field of fashion and has over eight years of working experience in various multi- and transdisciplinary research projects. In addition to her current role as a project lead at Hot or Cool Institute, she is working as the lead of a citizen science project on “sufficiency and minimalism” at Technische Universität Berlin. She is also Co-Founder of Fashion Revolution Iran and Executive Director of Sustainable Fashion Consumption Network  

Research Highlights and Accomplishments

  1. Iran, Samira; Samie Yasaman (Edited Book) (2021): The Little Book of Sustainable Fashion, Teheran: Jamale Honar [In Persian]. 
  2. Vladimirova, Katia; Henninger, Claudia E.; Joyner-Martinez, Cosette; Iran, Samira; Diddi, Sonali; Jestratijevic, Iva; Durrani, Marium; Iyer, Kavitha; McCormick, Helen; Niinimäki, Kirsi; Prriyadarshin,i T.; Sauerwein, Meike; Singh, Renu; Simek, Petr; Wallaschkowski, Stephan (2021): Fashion consumption during COVID-19: Comparative analysis of changing practices across nine countries. In: Cleaner and Responsible Consumption (submitted on 24.9.2021). 
  3. Iran, Samira; Joyner Martinez, Cosette M.; Vladimirova, Katia; Wallaschkowski, Stephan; Diddi, Sonali; Henninger, Claudia E.; Mccormick, Helen; Matus, Kira; Niinimaki, Kirsi; Sauerwein, Meike; Singh, Renu; Tiedke, Loredana; (2022): When mortality knocks: Pandemic-inspired attitude shifts towards sustainable clothing consumption in six countries. In: International Journal of Sustainable Fashion & Textiles (accepted).
  4. Vladimirova, Katia; Henninger, Claudia E; Alosaimi, Sarah; Brydges, Taylor; Choopani, Hanieh; Hanlon, Mary; Iran, Samira; McCormick, Helen; Zhou, Songyi (2021): Exploring the influence of social media on sustainable fashion consumption: A systematic literature review and future research agenda. In: Special Issue on Systematic Reviews in Consumer Studies (submitted on 31.8.2021). 
  5. Maldini, Irene; Iran, Samira; Laitala, Kirsi; Vittersø, Gunnar; Jestratijevic, Iva; Amaral, Milena; Vladimirova, Katia (2021): Dress and the city: a comparative study of clothing and textiles environmental policy in five European cities. In: Proceeding of ERSCP Conference (2021-Graz-Austria) DOI: 10.3217/978-3-85125-842-4-19.  
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  14. Iran, Samira; Schrader, Ulf (2017): Collaborative fashion consumption and its environmental effects. In: Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management: An International Journal, 21 (4), 468–482. 

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