Franziska Mager

Franziska is Senior Researcher with seven years experience working on Oxfam’s inequality campaign and leading programme evaluations. She has worked with partners in the international development and academic sectors on planning, implementing and communicating complex research, resulting in top academic publications, as well as varied technical and non-technical outputsHer specialty lies at the intersection of generating evidence, pushing policy and strengthening campaigning.

Research Highlights and Accomplishments

  1. Hoy, Christopher & Franziska Mager (2021) “Why are Relatively Poor People not more Supportive of Redistribution? Evidence from a Randomized Survey Experiment across 10 Countries” American Economic Journal: Economic Policy.
  2. Hoy, Christopher & Franziska Mager (2021) “American exceptionalism? Differences in the elasticity of preferences for redistribution between the United States and Western Europe” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.
  3. Research Ethics: A Practical Guide (2020),
  4. Livelihoods in the Za’atari Camp: Impact evaluation of Oxfam’s Cash for Work activities in the Za’atari camp (Jordan) (2019),
  5. How Decent is Decent Work? Using Sense Maker to understand workers experience (2018), research report, 

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