Laura  Astudillo Mesías

A Colombian who became a journalist to pursue her love of writing, Laura stumbled into Sustainability after being offered to cover a vacation leave for the Web Editor of a sustainability magazine. She was surprisingly amazed by the universality of the area, allowing her to report on a diverse range of stories from gender equality to music, environmental conservation and policy analysis.  She realized how sharing stories around Sustainability could inspire people to believe in their power, adopt changes in their lifestyles and demand more from their communities, governments, and the private sector. Hoping to pursue this type of storytelling, she moved to Paris to study International Development, and consequently joined Hot or Cool to give her take in building a new narrative that can bring sustainability closer to the people.

Research Highlights and Accomplishments

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism (Universidad del Rosario)
  • Master of Science in International Development (Sciences Po)
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