Marja Salo profile

Dr. Marja Salo

At Hot or Cool, Marja’s research focuses on sustainability and societies. She holds a PhD in environmental change and policy from the University of Helsinki. Before joining Hot or Cool, Marja has worked on sustainable consumption and lifestyles for more than ten years in various research and consultancy roles. Her interest in societal dimensions of lifestyle change grew while she developed and studied consumption-based environmental footprint calculation tools. This curiosity was channelled into a doctoral dissertation that assessed the role and potential of these tools to steer household consumption.  Her research interests at Hot or Cool lie in understanding lifestyle shifts towards environmental sustainability from perspectives that extend beyond individual change. She believes that quality of life, fairness, and well-being are at the core of advancing sustainable lifestyles.

Research Highlights and Accomplishments

  1. Steering household consumption with carbon footprint data – A critical assessment. Salo, (2021). Doctoral dissertation, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki.
  2. Opportunities and limitations of carbon footprint calculators to steer sustainable household consumption – Analysis of Nordic calculator features. Salo, M.K. Mattinen-Yuryev, A. Nissinen, (2019). Journal of Cleaner Production 207, 658–666.
  3. Drivers of household consumption expenditure and carbon footprints in Finland. Salo, H. Savolainen, S. Karhinen, A. Nissinen, (2020). Journal of Cleaner Production 289, (link to be embedded )
  4. From isolated labels and nudges to sustained tinkering: assessing long-term changes in sustainable eating at a lunch restaurant. Kaljonen, M. Salo, J. Lyytimäki, E. Furman, (2020). British Food Journal 122, 3313–3329.
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