Simone Re

Simone Re

“The only limit is the one you set yourself” – Felix Baumgartner

With a love for practising sport activities, Simone grew up with a nice and respectful connection to nature. As an integral part of Simone’s life, his attitude towards the environment also characterises his work and studies. Complying with his passion for nature and sustainability, Simone has achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences at the University of Insubria and is now pursuing a Master’s degree in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Sustainability.

Here, at Hot or Cool, Simone is doing an Erasmus internship with the objective to write his dissertation and deepening his knowledge of topics related to sustainability which he finds so fascinating. He believes the internship here is a great opportunity to grain new experiences and he is enthusiastic to be a part of the organisation where individuals from different fields of study share their knowledge and in collaboration aim to build a sustainable future.

Research Highlights and Accomplishments

  • Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences (University of Insubria)
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