Sophia Caiati 

“Leave this world a little better than you found it” - Robert Baden-Powell.

Spending her childhood years as a member of the scout community, Sophia grew up building a deep and respectful connection with nature. Travelling and exploring different cultures, countries and values has always been a part of Sophia’s life, leading her to live and study abroad at Laval University in Quebec and Leiden as well as Maastricht University in the Netherlands. With a background in International Studies and European Studies on Science, Society and Technology, Sophia’s multifaceted interests range from international relations, culture and arts to environmental sustainability. As an intern at the United Nations Environment Programme and Hot or Cool, Sophia enjoys working creatively in the field of sustainable lifestyles.

Research Highlights and Accomplishments

  • Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (Leiden University; Thesis : U.S.-German relations during the Weimar period)
  • Master of Arts in European Studies on Society, Science and Technology (Maastricht University; Thesis: How do Cities become Smart? Enablers and Challenges of the Smarter Together Initiative in Munich)
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