Webinar Series: Sustainable Living 1.5: Empowering people to live better and lighter

Sustainable Living 1.5: Empowering people to live better and lighter is a series of webinars that will address the challenge of promoting more sustainable living after the COVID-19 crisis. Hot or Cool is part of this Leadership Academy hosted by UNEP in tandem with One Planet network and partnering with EcoCity Builders. The current conjuncture has highlighted the need for a people-centric approach in order to collectively face the global threat of climate change.

Sustainable living requires understanding current impacts and finding new ways for everyone to live healthy, better, and lighter.  Based on evidence, what has proven to change behavior during the pandemic, and the new policy wild cards like youth activists and social media cultural influencers, the dialogue will feed sustainability dialogues on how to effectively engage people and youth in building back better. The events will take place in the second semester of 2020. Registry for the next event is available here.

Previous Webinars:

23 June – Getting Serious about Living: 1.5-degree lifestyles and opportunities from visionaries in a post COVID world. 

Unprecedented events have thrust us to re-examine how we live. Not only our healthcare, but all the interlinked systems that meet our daily needs and even what we really want in life. In a world under threat from global health concerns, economic challenges and biodiversity loss and climate change, our living and lifestyle decisions will (collectively) determine our future. How can we better understand the impacts of what we need and want and find new ways for everyone to live healthy, better, and lighter? We need the evidence, new people centric models and to effectively tap into the power of people. See it here.

Organizer: UNEP Sustainable Lifestyles   Host: One Planet Network Secretariat

7 July – There’s no place like home: Cities making sustainable living a reality

Learn from an expert to find out what you can do to initiate change in your neighborhood and hear the experience from people who co-created with their governments to make their cities more liveable. See the webinar here.

Organizer and host: UNEP Cities

Upcoming Agenda:

12 August – Keeping Fashion close to home for better and lighter living

Learn about fiber systems and how healthy regional textile economies can avoid polluting air, land, or water systems. Speakers will cover: sustainability challenges and new business models that close textiles loops, enhance jobs and community.

Organizer: Eco-City Builders                         Host: Eco-City Builders

20 August – Dispelling myths on sustainability and people: If it’s the right thing to do why isn’t it happening? 

Debunking myths on the sustainability/development tradeoff and how to effectively engage people.

Speakers will cover: how to motivate people for sustainability; global consumer trends and local realities; youth activists and new policy wild cards.

Organizer: UNEP Sustainable Lifestyles   Host: Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme