The Beacon for Sustainable Living

Remaining within our carbon budget requires transformations in our ways of living: a realization that is often unwelcome and overwhelming. This project aims to unlock the paralysis experienced by many people and organizations by building a beacon: transformative communications materials that equip us to shift the discourse and our mindsets, backed by an online hub of curated references, cases, future visions, and resources to further reinforce transformative solutions. The beacon serves as a clarifying repository and organizing backbone for transforming our mindsets and actions to advance One-Planet Living and to reduce our carbon footprint to 1 ton per capita CO2 equivalent by 2050. In this project, we prototype and then launch clear and accessible communications materials with an alliance of actors engaged in catalyzing sustainable living. It is time to create a connected, equipped and organized community that acts together to sustainably transform our everyday lives.


  • To communicate transformations to sustainable living in clear and accessible ways. 
  • To equip, support and connect those ready to catalyze transformative action toward sustainable ways of living.
  • To secure ongoing development of the beacon.