About Us

About Us

We conduct research and bring together ideas from both science and practice that underpin solutions towards sustainable future societies.

We are certain that the status quo can change, and that we need bold and brave changes and a good dose of experimentation in order to achieve sustainability at speed and scale. Whether it is achieving the climate change objectives, biodiversity targets, or the Sustainable Development Goals, we see the intersection between society and sustainability as an opportunity to put people and their well-being first without sacrificing our environment. We believe that systemic change is possible, and we curate cutting-edge science to enable the realization of this vision.

Collaboration and experimentation are integral to the research and  solution-seeking process at Hot or Cool. An agile approach is important in order to create  resilient and  innovative  systems that  facilitate a just and sustainable society. 

Our Earth’s current state guarantees that we will experience changes to life as we know it. Our role at Hot or Cool is to communicate the science behind the options ahead of us to make informed decisions regarding what these changes can be.


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