Viivi Toivio

As a data analyst, Viivi focuses on developing procedures and tools for carbon footprint calculations and other indicators that help us understand the environmental impacts of lifestyles, individual products, and services. She is seeking data-driven insights that can help organisations, decision makers, communities and individuals make informed decisions towards a sustainable future. Viivi was involved in the quantitative analysis for the 1.5-Degree Lifestyles report. She has also worked on developing several online tests that measure personal carbon footprints, and was involved in the production of a climate puzzle game that enables players to apply a 1.5-degree lifestyles approach at the household level.

Viivi holds an MSc in Biological and Environmental Sciences from the University of Helsinki and has work experience in ecology, laboratory work and environmental education with diverse authorities and municipalities. She is motivated by the opportunity to put her own values into practice through her work at the Hot or Cool Institute.


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