Our Mission

The Hot or Cool Institute is a public interest think tank that explores the intersection between society and sustainability. Our mission is to equip organisations, policymakers, and communities with the science to inform their decisions towards a sustainable and prosperous future, putting people and science at the centre of the sustainability transition. 

We are driven by the three key principles of a sustainable civilization:

well-being and prosperity


fairness and justice

living within ecological limits

What we do

The planet we live on is changing rapidly. The changes we make in response will determine the possibilities for life in the decades and centuries to come.  

At Hot or Cool, we work at the intersection of society and sustainability, employing science to push for the rapid, radical and systemic changes needed to address the magnitude and urgency of the sustainability challenge. Our work is driven by the need for a circular society*, one which recognizes the ecological limits within which we must ensure equitable opportunities to pursue individual and collective wellbeing. 

Collaboration, experimentation and clear communication are integral to the research and solution-seeking process at Hot or Cool. Here is what we do: 

  • Conduct policy research and analysis to ground concepts of sustainable societies within science-based approaches 
  • Coordinate science-communications and engagement on complex sustainability issues 
  • Facilitate co-creation of sustainability solutions backed by science and experience 
  • Design capacity development and implementation tools for businesses, organisations and policymakers working towards a circular society  
  • Provide technical assistance towards the development and implementation of new economy policies and practices 

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