Post-Covid Recovery and New Directions for Sustainable Consumption and Production

Japan Tokyo, Japan

How will direction of the UN Agenda 2030 and the various SDGs change in the context of a post-covid society? The Japanese government-funded program "Policy Design and Evaluation to Ensure Sustainable Consumption and Production in Asia Region" is hosting a public symposium to explore this question.

Your Europe, Your Say (YEYS) 2021

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is holding the 12th edition of its yearly youth event Your Europe, Your Say (YEYS) where Lewis Akenji is speaking on Designing Systemic Change.

3RProMar regional kick-off workshop

Hot or Cool Policy Lead Magnus Bengtsson is presenting at the regional kick-off workshop of the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to Protect the Marine Environment and Coral Reefs” (3RProMar) project, implemented by GIZ. His presentation will convey key findings and conclusions of a regional gap-analysis study on circular economy for plastics in ASEAN, which he led together with Hot or Cool’s Managing Director Lewis Akenji. 

The Compass Festival: Charting Our Course

Virtual Event

The Compass Festival: Setting the agenda on sustainable + equitable living is a collaborative, interactive event for a limited number of practitioners, researchers, and funders working at the cutting-edge of ambition on sustainable and equitable lifestyles.

Fostering 1.5 degrees lifestyles with urban partnerships


The 1.5-Degree Lifestyles report illustrate the scale of the sustainable living challenge and the need for greenhouse gas emission of 80 percent by 2050 counting today’s intensity of lifestyles. Cities are the perfect leverage point for enabling 1.5-degree living. The Future Lifestyles project shows that enabling urban infrastructures and municipal services are necessary to enable 1.5 degree living.

Launch of 1.5-Degree Lifestyles: Towards a Fair Consumption Space for All


In a world with a limited and fast-shrinking global carbon budget, coupled with vast inequalities, how do we allocate the remaining carbon allowance in a manner that is fair while drastically decreasing our footprints within a limited timeframe to avoid irreversible ecological damage? 

Enabling Sustainable Lifestyles in a Climate Emergency


This event will delve into how we can change how we consume and explore how sustainable living can enable circularity. Policy makers will recount how and why some policy strategies have been successfully (or less successfully) implemented.We will also explore the positive externalities of health and well-being that can be achieved when we address environmental issues.

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